Friday, January 31, 2014

Spicing Up Our Lives!!!

One of the best meals in our that's guaranteed to get Tacos.  We usually have little to no leftovers, and it is one of the few leftovers that my kids will eat.  But when I started this change in my life I became an avid label reader.  Unfortunately, there was a bunch of junk I knew was "not so good" in it, but when kids will eat something...  Anyway, I kept buying it because I couldn't find anything better.  But then...

I discovered Maria's blog.  By chance, and a Google search, I stumbled onto Maria's blog named Maria Mind Body Health.  I read, and read...then I read some more.  I couldn't believe how much information she had.  I couldn't believe how much sense it made.  And I couldn't believe how many awesome looking recipes there were.  She has a ton of options for replacements of crucial ingredients that are harming our bodies.  I was blown away.  Then I read that she'd asked people to challenge her to make something they miss because of changing our eating habits.  So now when I'm looking to replace something I normally buy I check her blog first.

That's kind of how I stumbled across this recipe for taco seasoning.  Low and behold I had all the ingredients, and I just happened to have a little container to mix and store it all in...what a deal!

The ingredients are basic staples for most of us.  I bet you have them in your cupboard right now...well maybe not the pepper flakes, but I bet you have most of them.  It's just a matter of putting them all together. 

And it makes such pretty sand art...LOL!!!  Well, that is until you shake that puppy up!   As soon as it was all mixed up it was time to use it. 

Now I'm going to introduce you to something you really, REALLY need in your kitchen.  If you're a mom, if you have a busy life, if you're single and just don't have a ton of time...if you have a kitchen...then you need this!  This is a Bean Pot from Celebrating Home...and I'm linking you to my friend Stephanie's site!  She is an amazing consultant who gives her hostesses the absolute most she can.  Anyway, this bean post is the best way to make anything with ground beef quickly. 

I had gotten the ground beef out of the freezer, but not early enough for it to be defrosted.  So I just threw it in the pot and started to nuke it.  I started at 3 minutes then got it back out to begin breaking it up.  Oh, you'll love one of these tools too...

It's Pampered Chef's Mix 'N Chop.   It really breaks the meat up quickly.  I love it.  Anyway, back to the meal...I cooked the meat in 5 minute increments, breaking it up each time, till it was cooked through.  Then I drained the meat just like I would if I'd cooked it on the stove top.  It took about 10 minutes from start to finish, it's less messy and certainly less heat than the stove top version.  Then I added 2 tablespoons of the healthy taco seasoning and about 1 1/2 cups of water.  Mixed it all up and put it back in the microwave for about 8 minutes, stirring half way.

To serve it up healthy I layered lettuce shreds, the taco meat, cheese, cream cheese mixed with salsa, and a few dices of Roma tomatoes.

Oh man, it was SO good...but boy was it spicy.  I'm sure adjusting the red pepper flakes would help reduce the heat if you're not a heat person, but I actually liked it.  I probably will add more cream cheese/salsa next time to tame it down for my mouth, but I won't change the recipe...
...see, it was a home run!!!  Oh, and just so you know I've always had issues with taco seasoning because it never seemed to settle well in my stomach.  I always ended up with indigestion....but not this time!!!  Even with the heat I had absolutely NO reaction with this seasoning, and I no longer take my acid reducer at night (which I've done for the past 12 years).  If that's not testimony to this way of life I don't know what is!!!
Seriously, check out Maria's blog.  You will not be sorry!!!  Thanks Maria!
Till next time,

Oh, just an FYI...I'm not getting paid for any of these things I'm saying.  This is my personal opinion and experiences.  I'm just an open book!!!


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