Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Changes Aren't Always Easy!!!

I have days!!!  You know "those" days?  The ones when you just want to chuck the whole thing...Yeah, those days!!!  Yesterday was one of those days, or maybe I should say last night was one of "THOSE" nights.  Here's the scoop.

My husband has been out of town this week.  It's made for a crazy schedule for this taxi mom.  Yesterday was supposed to be the craziest of all.  Initially I was to take my oldest to his school (10 miles or so round trip), come home quickly to grab the youngest two kids and stop at the elementary for my daughter and then take my middle son back to the same school I'd dropped my oldest at earlier. things often do it didn't quite go that way.  My daughter woke with a sore throat, and since we've had strep throat in our family in the last month I had to keep her home to get it checked (it was not by the way).  So, I ended up taking both boys to school early and saved some steps.  Add to that my oldest had more Jazz practice last night downtown, and a trip to the doctor for my daughter.  It was a lot of miles logged.  On top of spending quite a bit of time in the car I ended up spending a bunch of time in the kitchen deep cleaning it and prepping for our dinner.  I roasted and peeled garlic, cooked chicken and did a TON of dishes all in preparation for this Roasted Garlic Chicken Soup.  Everything was prepped and ready to throw it all together once the kids were home from school.  It all had to be done and eaten by 5:30 so I could get my son downtown.

I decided to try my hand at mashed "potatoes" which in low carb world means mashed cauliflower.  Here's the thing, I've NEVER liked cauliflower.  Of course that was a childhood thing, but I've not given it a "real go" in my adulthood.  So since I kept reading that cauliflower was bland and just takes on the ingredients you add to it then I thought "Why Not?!?"  I found this recipe.  I added butter, but didn't have any green onion.  I don't know that I cooked it completely because it was a bit watery...

Let's face doesn't matter, I DO NOT LIKE CAULIFLOWER!!!  It is NOT as bland as people say.  It truly has that cauliflower flavor.  GAG!!! 
I tried putting it under my soup and it did cover up the taste, but then I had a texture issue.  Needless to say it wasn't a pleasant experience!  The cauliflower ended up down the disposal, but the leftover soup is in the fridge.  Hopefully today I can eat that and see how I like it without the other...maybe that will be a success. 
To finish off the rest of the story...after the unsuccessful meal last night I got really discouraged.  I was really hoping for success with the cauliflower since it looked like a great replacement for the potatoes I LOVE!!!  I needed to find some more recipes for this weekend's Super Bowl party and I second guessed every recipe I saw.  I was just ready to throw in the towel so to speak, but I was tired, I was influenced by a bad experience and frankly needed to just finish out the day with a good night's sleep. 
This morning things are much better.  I've found the recipes I need for this weekend, the kids are at school successfully without too many miles, and I'm off to the gym as soon as I'm done with this post.  Some days are rough, but often it's just a matter of perception...and a good night's sleep!!!
Till later,




  1. Try rutabaga. I have a whip I really like. Or if you slowcook jicama for 24hours it can sub for taters. I miss them too.