Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Window Message Center

I've done it!!!  I'm back to crafting...and if that wasn't enough I had to do this all outside, in the garage, while it was 109 degrees!!!  Ok, ok, pity party over...as my son said "It's not work when you enjoy what you're doing!"  Hmmm...when did he get so smart?  Truly, only crafting would get me out for hours in this kind of heat.  It must be love!!! 

So here's the project that I can now slap a DONE on. (minus hanging it...which may take a while...cause I need to wait on my hubby for that...dang it!!!  Will update with a picture of that when it's completed...in the meantime...)  It's my new Message center...which is replacing an industrial looking white board that went to my hubby's library...but I digress.  It's the heat...I'm normally not this scatterbrained (hush Sis and Hubby...no chiming in here!)

The beginning pieces start here:

Remember this from a few posts ago...Something Old...well she's had a makeover!!!  The one thing I liked about this window when I bought it was the paint.  It was already a creamy white...and the paint job wasn't too bad, (on the other side...this is the back) but it had all this natural crackling that I didn't have to do!  SCORE!!!  I wanted to bring out all that loveliness and I wanted to experiment.  So I started with some left over shoe polish I used with the Entry Way Welcome letters.  I've never heard of using shoe polish as paint, but why not try it.  It might start a new trend ;-)...or not.  But why should I let that stop me.  So out the shoe polish came.

Look at all that beautiful texture.  It's not perfection and it darkened the creamy paint, but I didn't care.  I like it that way.  And see all that crackle...YUMMM!!!  Shoe polish experiment a success...this time at least!!!  Who knew.

Next came a couple of coats of poly.  I used a sponge brush to apply it, and I noticed that the poly drug a bit of the shoe polish around (big bully!)...BUT, I still liked the effect.  If you're searching for perfection do not use shoe polish...just sayin'!  I applied two coats of the poly letting it dry well in between.

Still lovin' me some texture here!  Once the poly was all dry I took my hubby's razor blade scraper to all the window panes to clean them off.  Yeah, this is the long, boring part that I did at 2 in the afternoon...heat of the day at 109...someone should check my sanity for sure!!!

Once all the excess paint, dirt etc was scraped away I cleaned all the panes front and back.  Now here comes the fun part!!!  I wanted half the panes to be magnetic so I could use them to hang up notes, kids school stuff, cake orders, etc., and half the panes I wanted to just be window so I could use my chalk markers to write notes (yes, you can do that...it works really well actually).  But I didn't want the windows to be just plain.  Who wants to just look at a wall through a window.  Not me, but as we've established I'm not always in my right mind (109 degrees right?).  I decided to find some lace or a doily and use it as a reverse template with a can of frosted glass spray paint.  Instead, I found a wonderful piece of scrapbook paper (at JoAnn's) that was a lacy cut out all over.  PERFECT!  I bought some repositionable stencil spray adhesive and voila!!!

Of course the window panes are not 12x12 so I had to cut the paper down.  Wait, I'm out of order here...we've skipped a few steps.  First, I turned the whole window over to the back side.  Since I want to use it to write on and wipe off I needed the texture on the back.  Can't wipe off all the hard work.  Then I picked the panes I wanted to use and taped them off on the inside.  Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming...I had to cut the paper down.

I laid the paper in the pane and using the window scraper blade I made folds in the edge keeping the paper along both the side and the bottom to fill up the window.  Then I went back with my fingers and deepened the fold so I knew exactly where to cut. 

That's me showing you where I cut it...got to get all the steps in!  Once it was cut I laid the paper on a plastic sheet and sprayed the back side with the repositionable adhesive spray. 

Then I sprayed the pane with the frosted spray.  I didn't do more than one coat because I didn't want it that translucent.  I did check to make sure I was fairly even by looking through under the pane.  Again, I was not going for perfection.  Which is good, because the paper did come up in a few places and so the frosting wasn't perfect, but it looked pretty awesome to me.  I did have to add a few shots of adhesive between panes, but not much.  Here's how it turned out...

Isn't that SWEET???!!!  The nice thing was that I could turn it over and start on the reverse panes right away because it was on the back side...also, at 109 degrees paint dries extremely quickly!

Flipping over the window, I taped off the panes I was painting next.  Then after shaking the can of magnetic paint vigorously...and for quite some time...I spray painted the opposite 4 panes with a light coat to start with. 

I ended up doing almost 4 coats of this paint.  I say almost because by the time I got to the 4th coat I only had enough paint to barely touch up each pane.  I wanted to make sure it was magnetic.  If I had to do it again I might purchase a different brand.  After I'd bought this at Hobby Lobby (with a coupon of course) I found a can of Rustoleum Magnetic Paint at Home Depot that said it was extra strong metallic so that magnets stuck better.  But I already had this and I think it'll work for what I need.  It was a mess, however, and I had to take the razor blade scraper back to the other panes of glass.  Since I'd done the frosting on the back side there were no worries that I'd mess that up...yay for small victories!!!

The next morning (this morning actually) I got out the top coat (the colored coat) of paint I'd had my husband pick up at Home Depot.  I wanted to add a pop of red to the area of the kitchen where this Message Center is going.  I have red on the dining room side and hadn't figured out a way to add it to the kitchen side.  This is the perfect way.  So he picked up a sample sized bottle in the dining room color and that was my top coat. 

I painted right over the magnetic paint (the instructions say you can do that and it's supposed to stay magnetic).  I gave it two coats cause we are dealing with red here.  It's a very matte paint, but will work well for my needs. 

Once that was done I removed the tape, cleaned the other panes with window cleaner...then cleaned up the wood a bit since the magnetic spray paint was a bit messy, and the project was done!!!

I can't wait to hang it and use it.  Just another Treasure in my house to make it a home!!!


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

Last week was my daughter's 9th birthday, and being in the summer I always try to do some kind of party or get together for her to make it special.  This year, being 9, we decided to do totally girly things.  So I went to Pinterest and found some "Girly" ideas to put into use.

We started with making lip glosses for all the girls (see my previous post Vaseline Lip Gloss).  We added a file (Dollar Tree finds) and made up goody bags for each. 

Then I found a cute idea where you put candies (in this case M&Ms) in plastic wine glasses topped off with a cupcake.  In the Pinterest idea they were in champagne flutes, but the cupcakes would have had to be teeny tiny to fit in the top of those cups, so we went with the wine glasses.  And boy did the girls feel special with their "Adult" cups.

Then I stole this nifty idea from a friend who found these lovelies at Michael's Crafts in the gift bag section.  They're small, sturdy bags with a grease proof lining...perfect for young girls while watching movies.

I then made up a fun name banner using scrapbook paper pinwheels (some call these paper medalions...either way they're cute!)  Pss...I'll post a tutorial later of how I did these.

Then I added a special chalk board message and a few tissue paper pom poms, a little yellow here (plates & bowls), a little yellow there (cupcakes & a tablecloth to save my table from nail polish later) and the room was ready for the Girls!!!

Once we'd eaten till we were high on sugar (see cupcakes and M&Ms above for verification), it was time to get our nails prettied up!

Aren't we a funny group.  It doesn't matter how young or old-ish you are...doing nails is always a fun party theme!!! 

So Happy Birthday to my baby girl!  I hope you had a great time Sweet Pea!!!



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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Something Old...

I miss crafting!  I miss doing projects!  Why am I missing them...because I haven't gotten to get to any projects lately!!!  I have been so busy that crafts have had to go by the wayside for a little bit...but they're taunting me!!!

I have this one here every time I go into my craft closet (a.k.a. the coat closet)

This is a bunch of natural and cream colored burlap (and not pictured is about 7 yards of muslin).  It wants to be a Christmas tree skirt, 5 stockings, and a lovely covering to a table lamp...not yet purchased or even found at this time.

Then when I go to my car these two pieces stare me down, begging for my attention.

This one's going to be a kitchen chalk board, magnet board, to do board...and I have all the stuff...but time is lacking!!!

And this is for Sweet Pea's room.  She's 9 now and is really into doing her hair and a little makeup (when I let her).  Since she shares a bathroom with Bubba and Hoss we have to figure out a way to get her OUT of the bathroom before the boys clobber her!!! 

In the mean time my poor, brand new, hardly been used blog is also suffering.  It wants, no NEEDS, my attention, and my crafting!!!  So what do we do?

Something OLD!!!

So let's dig out one of last year's Christmas Gift crafts I took pics of.  This was one of my favorites out of the many I did.  It was what I dubbed "The Crafty Christmas". 

This one was for my niece...Kylie (pictured over at The Concrete Cottage, my sister's blog).  Last year she spent a ton of time with my parents learning and experiencing church.  She really developed a relationship with Christ (therefore using the Fruit of the Spirit as the lettering).  Plus, she was an almost teen with a love of color, and a very large new room that needed something for the walls.  So in my quest to become Pinterest's #1 fan, I discovered the drippy crayon art and thought "KYLIE!!!". 

I picked several different canvases in 5 different sizes, bought 2 boxes of CHEAP 64 piece crayons, puffy paint, and a bunch of hot glue (had to restock the stores in my closet).  Then I got out the glue gun, xacto knife, Mod Podge, a sponge paint brush, wax paper and a hair dryer (soon changed to a heat gun).

I had to make the letters for each canvas so I went to my Microsoft Word and picked a font that would be easy to trace with the puffy paint, chose the right size for the canvases, printed them out, taped them on cardboard and then taped the wax paper over the top so I could use the puffy paint.  I traced all the words with the puffy paint then let it dry.  It takes a day or two to get fully dry...so do this ahead of time.  Once dry, use an xacto knife to slowly peel up each letter gently.  It takes some time, but you don't want them to rip so take the time to do it right!!!

I took the 128 crayons and sorted them in color order.  I took all the neutral colors out and put them to the side.  Then it was time to slice off all the wrappers.  I took the xacto knife and cut away...this really took quite a bit of time surprisingly.  I picked which word went with which canvas and put the crayons in color order on each canvas.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I cut every one of the crayons in half because I didn't need them that long, and I had a BUNCH of canvases to cover.  I used the hot glue gun to glue them along the top edge of the canvas.  Once that was done I used a hair dryer to melt the crayons.  It didn't work so well for me.  The hair dryer didn't provide quite enough heat with way too much air.  So I got out my heat gun that I have for melting embossing powder.  I was careful not to hold it too long on the crayons themselves so I didn't melt the hot glue...it was a learning process.  Oh, and don't forget to cover your work surface well.  This is a mess to do!!!  Here's what they looked like when all done...before the lettering.

Then in color order I put the words (one on the little ones and two on the larger ones) onto each canvas.  I used Mod Podge to stick the letters on, then covered the letters again with the Mod Podge.

It turned out to be a fairly easy craft...with a bit of a learning curve, and a lot of patience.  Nothing too difficult, just a bit of time...but it turned out great!!!

Until I get back in the groove...


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

May I Introduce You...

I am up VERY late because this is the only time I have this week to be on the computer...see previous post.  Today I did take some time to spend with my kids.  It seemed the perfect time to get some much needed updated pictures...even though it was the hottest day of the year so far...whatcha gonna do?!?

We started out at this odd little car lot that had nothing but old, rusty cars (and yes, I did just think of Mater and Lightening when I said that) that were wonderfully unique.  It seemed the perfect location, if only...
  • It wasn't 104 degrees Fahrenheit out
  • There wasn't any shade in sight
  • The cars weren't so hot!!!
So, after dealing with two out of three grumbling children, we packed it up and got back in the air conditioned car.  Here's a taste of the Old Cars photos...

Introducing my oldest, Bubba

Here's my middle guy, Hoss

Then there's my youngest, Sweet Pea

My Treasures!
 See...the younger two are not happy campers!!!

So, I decided we needed a break, some cooler air, and lunch!!!  That makes people in my family so much happier...plus, it didn't hurt that the batteries were dying in my camera and I needed to grab a few more.

Tummies full, bodies recharged, we headed out to a park with lots of shade and lovely, picturesque trees and rocks.  Once we got there it was a bit of a walk...down hill (we all know what happens once you walk down hill don't we...yeah, that's for later) till we found a pretty spot.  This time I got LOTS of smiles and much more cooperative children!  Here's the pictures to tell the tale!

Here's Bubba when he was thinking about being goofy

Yes, he is my thinker...my OVER thinker!

And there is some orneriness

I'm not sure if this is shock, or the beginning of a debate between him and Sweet Pea.

Hoss, the comedian!

See, he knows how to pose goofy!

It's the seriousness that can be challenging.

But he has a heart of gold...and he's such a great hugger!!!

Then there's Sweet Pea!

A little mischief...

A whole lot of SASS...

And you get my girl!!!

Goofiness Galore!!!



They DO love each other (remind me of that when they're fighting!!!)

That's My Babies!!!

Once I was done with their pictures they wanted to take some of me.  They each got two shots and they got to pick the pose, within reason...and you only get one of each!!!  Sorry, I am getting better at sharing pics of myself, but not that much better!!!
Bubba's Shot...the serious one!

Hoss' Shot...the jokester "Mom, pose goofy sitting down!"
Sweet Pea's Shot...anything smiling and posing!
Oh, yeah, the "later" part...we had to walk back up that hill!  DANG!!!  I've had some coughing issues over the last couple of months and by the time we got back up that hill in the heat...well, lets just say we sat there in the car for a bit while mom recovered her breath and coughed it all out.  Driving at that point would have been a big HUGE no no!!!

And that's it!  I'll introduce you to the hubby later (who'll I'll dub My Geek!) and that will be all my most treasured TREASURES!!!