Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Busy Week & Awesome Sauce

This week is a crazy week for me.  Each and every day has an appointment on it with other activities afterward.  Between PTA meetings, my daughter's birthday and a vow renewal I'm making a cake for I cannot post like I'd like.  I have things in the works...a how-to on a party banner and a post on my husband's "crafts"...but they will all have to wait till after this weekend.  For now I had to get on and share a recipe my husband has deemed "Awesome Sauce!"

I found this recipe on Pinterest (go figure!) and it was the picture of the chicken that made me drool.  It all came from Jamie over at Jamie Cooks It Up!.  The delightful looking dish is called Crispy Cheddar Chicken.  I didn't do the recipe for the chicken...this time...but I wanted to try her easy peasy sauce.  It's a can of cream of chicken soup, 2 T sour cream and 2 T butter.  Put it all in a sauce pan and heat it through...so I did that all x 2.  I still tasted too much of the cream of chicken soup flavor.  So I added more sour cream, about twice as much as it called for.  It was better, but needed one more thing.  I went to the fridge and saw the jalapenos in the jar on the shelf.  I didn't want the heat of the jalapenos, but the flavor.  So I poured some of the juice...anywhere from a teaspoon to tablespoon...in the jar into the sauce, stirred it up and AWESOME!!!  It was perfect!  I have no pictures, but trust me if you want awesomeness over your chicken then try AWESOME SAUCE!!!  It's awesome ;-)!!!

Now off I go for my scan this morning.


  1. My sister (Mary at www.merrydotdandy.com) the circle M, and I have somewhat lost you. Your picture doesn't LINK back to your cute blog. We had that issue also, at first. Just go to Google Friends Connect (the turquoise box above your followers), click it and go into the setting portion and follow the steps to get your blog linked. Any questions? let me know. (hug) and good luck!! Ps. I don't do recipe. I ain't a cook!

    1. Ok, I have tried...I'm not sure I'm using it correctly. When you get the chance will you check it again and let me know if it worked?!?

      Thank you for following and all your help. What an encouragement you both are!!!

  2. Hi Jennifer...I lost you for a few days...here you are. My sis, Renae, who is right next to me in comments, and I are conferencing on our blogs today. We both realized we had missed you. You have a nice blog and your are being new and ready to get more fine followers. Encouragement here..keep up the great work.