Thursday, July 19, 2012

May I Introduce You...

I am up VERY late because this is the only time I have this week to be on the computer...see previous post.  Today I did take some time to spend with my kids.  It seemed the perfect time to get some much needed updated pictures...even though it was the hottest day of the year so far...whatcha gonna do?!?

We started out at this odd little car lot that had nothing but old, rusty cars (and yes, I did just think of Mater and Lightening when I said that) that were wonderfully unique.  It seemed the perfect location, if only...
  • It wasn't 104 degrees Fahrenheit out
  • There wasn't any shade in sight
  • The cars weren't so hot!!!
So, after dealing with two out of three grumbling children, we packed it up and got back in the air conditioned car.  Here's a taste of the Old Cars photos...

Introducing my oldest, Bubba

Here's my middle guy, Hoss

Then there's my youngest, Sweet Pea

My Treasures!
 See...the younger two are not happy campers!!!

So, I decided we needed a break, some cooler air, and lunch!!!  That makes people in my family so much, it didn't hurt that the batteries were dying in my camera and I needed to grab a few more.

Tummies full, bodies recharged, we headed out to a park with lots of shade and lovely, picturesque trees and rocks.  Once we got there it was a bit of a walk...down hill (we all know what happens once you walk down hill don't we...yeah, that's for later) till we found a pretty spot.  This time I got LOTS of smiles and much more cooperative children!  Here's the pictures to tell the tale!

Here's Bubba when he was thinking about being goofy

Yes, he is my OVER thinker!

And there is some orneriness

I'm not sure if this is shock, or the beginning of a debate between him and Sweet Pea.

Hoss, the comedian!

See, he knows how to pose goofy!

It's the seriousness that can be challenging.

But he has a heart of gold...and he's such a great hugger!!!

Then there's Sweet Pea!

A little mischief...

A whole lot of SASS...

And you get my girl!!!

Goofiness Galore!!!



They DO love each other (remind me of that when they're fighting!!!)

That's My Babies!!!

Once I was done with their pictures they wanted to take some of me.  They each got two shots and they got to pick the pose, within reason...and you only get one of each!!!  Sorry, I am getting better at sharing pics of myself, but not that much better!!!
Bubba's Shot...the serious one!

Hoss' Shot...the jokester "Mom, pose goofy sitting down!"
Sweet Pea's Shot...anything smiling and posing!
Oh, yeah, the "later" part...we had to walk back up that hill!  DANG!!!  I've had some coughing issues over the last couple of months and by the time we got back up that hill in the heat...well, lets just say we sat there in the car for a bit while mom recovered her breath and coughed it all out.  Driving at that point would have been a big HUGE no no!!!

And that's it!  I'll introduce you to the hubby later (who'll I'll dub My Geek!) and that will be all my most treasured TREASURES!!!


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