Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chocolate Muffins and a New Way of Life!!!

It has been a LONG time since I posted and my a lot has happened.  We've gone through a complete marching season with my oldest son and his first year of high school.  My, but that is a TON of fun.  We enjoyed a great holiday season with my family up north.  We've had a snow storm, an ice storm, and enjoyed some time at home with all the kids.  But the biggest change has been my way of life.

I've spent my whole life believing that I'm overweight.  Clear back to high school I thought I was fat.
So, really I wasn't that fat, but in my mind I was.  I've struggled for years.  I've always thought "I can never change this so I might as well just accept it and deal with it".  This past summer I found myself at my highest weight ever.  I was happy, but I wasn't healthy.  I could feel the impact of all that weight on my body and I knew I had to do something. 


In August I saw one of my husband's friends who'd lost a bunch of weight that year.  I asked him what he'd been doing and it was a program that removed sugar from his diet to kick start his liver.  I knew we couldn't afford the program, but I also had to do something.  I began praying about it and started to do some research on sugar free dieting.  I came across the Beyond Diet plan and loved the testimonials.  I watched one of her videos and began to see what the sugars were doing to my body.  I was an addict that was for sure, and here was a step to break that addiction.  I still knew I couldn't do this alone, so I kept praying that God would just step in and do what I couldn't...and that would be self control. 
I got started and it was HARD!!!  It hurt, I was hungry, I wanted to give up...but I started to see changes.  It wasn't in my body yet, but I noticed if I ate something with high sugars in it I would feel dizzy and light headed.  It was my blood sugar raising.  I didn't like the feeling, so avoiding sugar became easier.  Then I joined the gym.  I started feeling better and saw more changes...slowly but surely.  I kept praying right through it all.  I wanted to give up MANY times, but I just kept hearing "This isn't a sprint; it's a marathon".  God just kept giving me the strength to push through. 
I started searching for recipes to help me make the right choices each time.  I found Maria's blog Maria Mind Body Health.  She has a ton of recipes, but with each post she explains why our bodies react in certain ways and what causes it.  She recommends the Keto diet...or I prefer to say "way of life" vs. diet...and so I started adapting what she was saying into my foods.  What I found is that there are tons of delicious alternatives out there that are really good for you.  If you are willing to put in the work and research you can do this too.  Here's proof:

This is January of 2014.  I've lost 36 pounds since starting this in September.  I haven't followed everything 100% all the time, but the majority of the time I am eating right.  I have a ways to go still, but the pathway I'm on is getting me there.  I PRAISE GOD!!!  He is the creator and designer of my new way of life.  Without Him I could NOT do this.  He's given me wisdom, strength and encouragement.  He's put amazing people in my life that are so uplifting.  Without that I couldn't succeed...and I will succeed!!!  My goal is shopping in the Ladies department, not the plus size!!!  And I will get there...with the Lord's help!

But that's not my only reason for posting today.  Here's one of the YUMMY recipes I've found to promote my new way of life.  It comes from Living Low day at a time (sounds like the right way to go to me).  It's a chocolate muffin, and it tastes very much like Sam's Club's big chocolate muffins.  Check out her recipe for Chocolate Muffins and my pictures below. 

For a sugar substitute I'm using Xylitol right now.  I find it's the closest tasting to sugar.  It has a bit of a cooling effect as an aftertaste, but it's not bitter or weird tasting like so many other sugar substitutes.  It can effect your digestive system, which I have experienced a bit, so I may check into other substitutes.  But for now that's what I'm using.  I also used natural peanut butter vs. almond butter.  I would love to get some almond butter, but these alternatives can be expensive, so for now I'm using what I have.  These are surprisingly easy, quick and delicious!!!  I do recommend chopping the unsweetened chocolate into pretty small pieces.  I happened to get one piece that was a bit too big this morning and it was rather bitter in my mouth, but that was only one small piece so I will make sure there are no larger pieces next time. 

If you're interested in a new way of life check out the three blogs I posted above.  For more great recipes try the following blogs as well, or follow me on Pinterest.  I pin every delicious recipe I find.

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And then there's one of my great friend's blog...
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If you feel like you just can't do it...take it from another Just Can't Do It ladies...YES YOU CAN!!!

Pray, Persevere, Start, Learn, Choose right...and take it ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!  It's your time!

In Christ's Love,




  1. Though I have never had the pleasure to meet you and my cousin, I have been following the family.I am so jealous of you..... your baking, sewing and now the weight loss. YOU GO CUZZ.. I will be watching.

  2. So, so proud of the choices and the journey you're on! Keep it up dear one!