Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another day, another recipe! And it's very so many ways!!!

Another day to find something new to eat.  It's amazing to me how delicious many of these meals are that I'm finding.  This morning's breakfast comes from an adaptation from Thrive-Style and Maria Mind Body & Health.  I took a bread recipe from Thrive-Style's Fancy Grilled Cheese and paired it with Maria's Gravy recipe with just a small tweak of my own.  Maria's recipe calls for chicken or beef broth and I used heavy cream instead.  The break was like a light, fluffy pancake and the sausage gravy was SO awesome!!!

It's just a beat off of biscuits and gravy and I don't even miss them!  That's the best thing about this whole thing...finding recipes to replace things I miss to curb all the cravings.  And they're all good...and GOOD for you!!!  It's so worth it.  Here's how it's paying off:

Each day things improve.  I feel so much better.  It's such an awesome journey!  Thank you Lord for such success!!!



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