Thursday, February 13, 2014

Buffalo Balls!!!

I have one of the pickiest group of kids.  Finding something to feed all 3 of them that everyone likes is quite a feat!  So when I do I have a small of one, but it's a party!!!  In the past they have been very vocal about hating meat loaf and meat balls...but not this time!

Let me introduce you to Buffalo Balls (when you click on the link slide down...the recipe is there I promise)!  Funny name...makes your mind go "there" right...but they're SOOOOO good.  And guess what...EVERY ONE OF MY KIDS LOVED THEM!!!  Yep, party of one going on here!!! 

I did make a few changes from her recipe based on the ingredients I had.  First change: she used ground chicken or turkey.  I realize that this technically makes them buffalo style, but I only had ground hamburger so that's what I used.

I was going to be brave and stir this by hand...yeah, that's WAY too cold!!!  My hand was burning.  This large Pampered Chef spatula did the trick! 

To scoop the mixture into balls I used another Pampered Chef tool I have.  This is the medium scoop.  It's approximately 2 tablespoons and my number one go to for two-bite sized balls. can quit laughing now!!!

Once I got them all scooped I put them in the fridge to chill.  I did this early in the day since we had a busy night and I needed to get dinner done fairly quick.  It made it easy to plop them on the pan and cook since the prep was pretty much done.  I sprayed the pans with coconut oil spray and popped them in the oven.

Second change: and this one might have been because of my first difference...I had to cook them for 15 minutes to start then I cooked them an additional 10 and followed the rest of her recommendations for cooking time.

Third change: she said to use Frank's Red Hot for the hot sauce.  I couldn't find it at the store I was in but I found a sugar free version called Wing Time Parmesan Garlic that worked equally well.  I added sauce to the end as well.

I'm thinking you're probably grossed out by all the grease in the pan.  Personally the fat is something I need for my diet, but this picture was taken after the first 15 minutes of baking as I was dredging the balls in the sauce.  It cooked another 12 minutes or so and most of that grease was gone by that time.  I also scooped them out with a slotted spatula which left some of the oil behind. was GOOD!

Here they are all dished out.  I made up some ranch dressing (still working on finding the best recipe for that) for dipping, but they did NOT need it.  It was good with the ranch, but better on their own. 

My kids actually fought over the leftovers!  But mama got her's set aside first...and they were even better the second day!!!
Try these out...they're simple and delicious!!!
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