Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Breads, Breads, Breads...

Remember how much I love bread?  Remember the peanut bread?  Well, I've found some more bread recipes to experiment with. 

I liked the peanut butter bread.  It was a great consistency, but I made some mistakes in the ingredients as I think I mentioned.  Plus it was very salty...my mistake.  I ended up throwing it out.  But I found a couple new recipes, and low and behold I had all the ingredients to play with. 

Here's where I started...

 I went in search of a coconut flour bread, and I ended up at Sugar-Free Low Carb Recipe blog.  I think the first recipe I spotted was a banana bread.  Bananas are very high in carb...I think one of the highest fruits you can find.  She had others though, and that's when I spotted this one...Basic Quick Bread.  It's all made in a food processor and it was really easy.  It has a TON of eggs though...8 to be exact...which makes it pretty high in protein, but a bit eggy tasting as well.  It bakes beautifully though and has a great texture. 

I had to cut it right away...impatient bread lover that I am.  I didn't even toast it; I just cut and buttered!!!

Oh, I may have added a bit of sugar free honey... ;-)

It reminded me a bit of corn bread.  Not too bad...still a bit dry/dense, but that's comparing it with white yeast bread.  But as far as bread goes it's edible.  This morning I tried to toast it and it doesn't toast quickly.  So I took it out of the toaster and buttered both sides and toasted it in a skillet...kind of like making grilled cheese and it ends up looking a little like French Toast.  I treated it like French Toast and poured a little sugar free syrup on it (same brand as the honey).  It was very good!!!  Great breakfast this morning, and QUICK!!!

Here was bread experiment #2.

I continued my search on the same blog for a pumpkin bread.  I've read pumpkin is very good for you and I love pumpkin in pretty much all dessert forms.  I finally came across Low Carb Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread.  This recipe is done in a mixer or a bowl with a hand mixer vs. the food processor.  I used xylitol as the sweetener and discovered that mixing xylitol with the wet ingredients without any dry ingredients isn't the best idea.  It gummed up on the paddle attachment on my mixer.  BUT...once I added the dry ingredients it mixed in fine.  Next time...and there WILL be a next time...I will mix the xylitol with the dry ingredients then add them to the wet at the end.  I also used pecans vs. walnuts.  I am not a walnut fan and I had pecans in my pantry...no brainer!  Here again this bread has a bunch of eggs...another 8 (it's a good thing I purchase my eggs at Sam's Club 36 at a time).  The batter is thick and doesn't rise a lot, and it took approximately an additional 10 minutes to cook, but BOY...it was GOOD!!!

This one was so good I didn't even get a picture before it was cut and eaten.  The bread isn't gone yet, but it will be quickly...and it has the approval of my non healthy eating son!  He actually called it good!!!  Score one for Mom!!!

That's it for today.  Tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at Buffalo Meat Balls!  Doesn't that sound YUM!

Till then...



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