Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Favorite Wall

Four years ago we moved into our current home.  We have painted 7 rooms and the hallways.  I've decorated and contemplated in each room.  I love most of them ... with only a few exceptions, but I have to say that of all of the things we have done this is by far my most favorite wall in the house.

It started with a stock photo my sister had.  I loved the layout of the pictures...the idea of the larger and smaller photos in the collage...and so I decided to use it for our hall wall with our kiddos.  I didn't use the exact layout as above, and I'm much more precise...some would say anal...about my layout.  Here's how mine turned out:

Each of my children have their section from oldest to youngest.  Each has 2 large photos.  The top one is a close up of their faces...one of my favorites from when they were little.  The bottom ones are photos I took of them at an arboretum here in town.  Each child has 2 medium sized photos.  One is a candid photo with daddy, and the other is just another favorite of mine.  Then there are 3 littler photos for each child.  The middle one is another favorite candid shot, then I have 2 pictures in each group of the flowers from the day at the arboretum. 

Then as an added bonus I had a vinyl verse I'd picked up at Hobby Lobby...on sale of course.  It had been sitting in our bedroom to go up on our wall.  I decided it would go much better here.  I love the verse:

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15

It is the perfect top to the perfect wall.  My pieces of Treasure displayed in a wall that I treasure!!!

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  1. That is such a special wall! Family photos are the best artwork of all. You have arranged it beautifully!!


  2. I have so many photos of my kids, I think it's time to display them properly, and your wall looks great!
    it's one of my favourite projects from last week :)