Monday, October 22, 2012

Frosted Vases

Hello again...

It's been a while!  Whatcha been up to lately?  Well me, let's see, I got busy with PTA stuff again.  I'm co-chair for a sweatshirt committee and that took a bunch of time. 

Cody, my middle guy, modeling said sweatshirt.
I'm chair of our annual craft fair at the school that happens in the spring, and planning meetings are going on. Add to that being mom...oh, and a wreck a couple of weeks ago (not my fault and we're all ok...our car fared much better as the hittee than the hitters...see below) I haven't been able to find the time to craft let alone blog about it. 
The Honda is the hitter.  Mine is the Mazda.  That is my spare tire under his front end!
 Today was the last day of Fall break for my kids.  We had a few extra boys, which means my poor daughter was bored stiff!  So I had to come up with something fun we could do that was "Girly"!  I've had this little project setting on the back burner for a while, so I decided we were going to tackle it today.  I've seen the Frosted Vases all over Pinterest and this last summer while garage sale-ing someone gave us a box of glass vases.  Cheap Craft!!!  That's what I saw.  I had frosted glass spray left over from the Window Message Center I'd done earlier this year, I have rubber bands, I have painter's tape, and a few extra items...all it takes is a bit of time and some imagination.  Here's what we came up with...

1.  Pieces & Parts: I cleaned up the vases from the layers of dust and skeletal bodies (some sort of insect I don't even want to think about).  I found the old garage sale labels because they're sticky and round...they make perfect polka dots!  I got out the rubber bands and the painter's tape...

2.  Of course I have to show the frosted spray.  This project wouldn't even come close to working without it.  I'm no expert with frosted spray (as I'll explain later), but I sure do like the effect.  It turns ordinary into extraordinary!

3.  My Sweet Pea!!!  I was going to give her the rubber band job, but her small hands weren't working well stretching those around the vase.  So she asked for the polka dot job.  She did a FANTASTIC job applying them in a random way.  She is very proud of her am I!!!

I  rubber banded both of the other vases.  On the tall, skinny one I made sure each rubber band was smooth with no twists in the bands.  I waved them up and down crisscrossing them over each other.  The wider vase I made sure I twisted the bands and stretched them further to see what kind of effect it would create.

We then took them outside to spray them.  And here's where I learned a bit about frosting spray.  I wasn't as careful as I should be to be even with the spray.  It really stands out when you spray too much in one spot.  Oh, well...this is a learning experience and a homemade's supposed to be imperfect.  Anyway, I sprayed them all till they looked good and coated.  It's also hard to see where you're spraying when you're out in the sun. 

Once I got them where I wanted them (or so I thought) I let them dry for an hour.  Then I carefully peeled off the polka dots.  If not careful peeling the stickers off it's easy to scratch some of the frosting.  So I did this process slowly.  Then I carefully removed the bands one at a time...from the last one on to the pick up sticks.  The effect left behind was amazing!  I love it!!!

They turned out great.  The twisting of the rubber bands left a wonderful effect.  The flattening of the bands on the other vase with the waving and crisscrossing is awesome too.  Then the polka dots!  I just love them all.  Now I just have to get something to put in them and a place they can call home.  Yet another Treasure...and a memory with my daughter!!!

Oh, forgot to mention...I have to give a shout out to my sister @ The Concrete Cottage.  She hooked me up with picmonkey.  It's a great online photo editing site.  I collaged and edited my photos with it today.  I so needed the help getting all my photos in check.  I can go a bit overboard with the clicking and snapping if you know what I mean.  Thanks Sis!!!


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  2. these vases turned out really pretty :) i have been wanting to try some as well .. that frosting spray looks fun! thanks for the tips!

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  4. Well you're quite welcome sis!! My info is your info :)

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