Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Wall of Windows

Hello again!!!
It has been quite some time since I've sat down to blog my projects.  Does this mean I've stopped working on things?  Of course not!!!  But I have learned something about myself and you want to hear it???
I thought you might...
Here goes!  I love to share my projects.  I love to get compliments...let's face it, we all do!
(Admit it.  You'll feel better.  It is the first step...oh wait, we were talking about something else.  Sorry!!!)
But I work WAY too hard to make those photos perfect.  I find myself avoiding my blog because I spend too much time editing, looking for just the right look and putting my name on the photo...ok, well that part's kinda important, but the rest...
I've decided to swallow my need to be a perfectionist and use crappy, unedited photos.  Perhaps then I can share the REAL me...or projects (let me tell you I won't be showing up in many photos)...and get back to my blog!!!
That being it's all about WINDOWS!!!  I think I may have mentioned how much I'm obsessed with them in this post, but I'm running out of space.  So I have one more window project to share that we finished off just today.
Here it is (imperfections and all) my Window Wall!!!
There are 4 with the Message Center window (shown here) to the left.  It's hard to get them all in and since I am embracing imperfection I'm just not going to stress over it...
...I'm not...
And if you step back a bit you'll see yet another window hanging over the brick wall.  So from where I sit it's windows galore.
It looks pretty cool, and it does finish off my wall quite well.
And it's quite personalized.  The quote on this window is from the Chicago song "Will You Still Love Me" that my husband and I had in our wedding invitation.  It's the first time we've used it since and therefore the center point on the wall.  Oh, and if you are wondering how I made the window red check out Debbiedoo's post here.  She was my inspiration.  I did forget the paper towels.  It would have looked a lot better...oh well...
It's not going very well...if you couldn't tell.
Till another day and another treasure!!!


  1. Well it looks great! Unedited pics and all. Plus I'm just ecstatic that I can see them. Bigger pics... YEAH!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage