Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wristlet and a Phone Case

A couple of months ago in my pre-blogging days my son's school PTA had a craft fair.  Being that kind of mom, and a craft addict, I worked the whole show...set up to nearly tear down (ok, I did leave a bit early).  Since I was running around all day and there were a LOT of people going in and out I didn't want to bring my purse.  So I grabbed the wallet, keys and phone and headed out the door for a long day.  But then I had a problem.  I could hide the wallet in the car, but needed the phone and keys.  So I threw the phone in my pocket and gave my keys to my son to carry (not the most comfortable feeling knowing how well young teens take care of things).  After that experience I decided I needed a different solution.  I plan on spending a lot more time in the future working this craft fair as well as many other PTA functions.  I'm not going to want to carry my purse.  I'm not going to want to hide my wallet every time.  I don't always want my phone in my pocket.  My son won't be there every time to carry my keys, and in all honesty I'm not going to want him to do that every time either.  So I went to Pinterest for a solution, and I found this little gem by Missy at Missy's Homemaking Adventures. She had made a couple of different phone cases, one with a pocket, that could be attached to a lanyard.  That looked like the thing for me.  It would take care of the phone, a little cash, the driver's license, and perhaps the keys as well...if you have the right lanyard.  So I went and got some pretty fabric, did some measuring of my phone, and of course adding my little touches to it I made my own case.

It turned out my measurements were a bit off for my phone with the cover on it and this particular case didn't fit...but it did one of my friend's phones.  So I gifted it and made another.  It fit great and the pocket worked wonderful for my needs.  But then my friend came in to church carrying hers on a wristlet type lanyard and suddenly I was jealous. (very unChristian, I know!!!)  It was easier to carry for the every day, run out of the house type thing.  So for a couple of months I've kept my eye out for a wristlet I could purchase.  That was till Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts posted her tutorial for a Ruffled Keychain Fob, or as I called it a wristlet.  Suddenly the answer to my jealousy problem had a solution...and I had left over material from my phone case.  PERFECT!!!

So I grabbed up the fabric, and all the tools I needed and got to work.

There were a few things I had to change.  Mandy said she used fusible fleece, but I've never heard of fusible fleece...is there something I'm missing, or is this just fusible interfacing called something else...but the point of the fusible fleece was to give it some thickness (which she mentions and gives alternative suggestions).  I had felt and thought "Why not?!?" 

Instead of fusing I just basted it in with a contrasting color so I could take the stitches out toward the end.  And that was change #1.

My second change was the edging.  Mandy used a serger.  I don't have one (again with the jealousy thing going on here...do you hear the whine in my voice?  Trust me, it's there!!!  Ohh, how I need to learn to control this little flaw!!!)  So I had to figure out which "fancy" stitch would give me the look I wanted on the edge.  This is what I ended up with and it looked pretty cute.  (sigh, jealousy really is a nasty sin...we don't appreciate what we have!)

From that point on I just followed her directions pretty much to the letter.  She makes a great tutorial!!!  And this is the finished product!!!

Now I have to go have some prayer time to get over this jealousy issue...and enjoy my new wristlet/key fob thingy!!!  Trust me, PTA stuff starts Thursday of this week and I'll be putting all these little treasures to great use!!!

Till later...


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  1. What a nifty combination! I made something similar to what you did, but instead of connecting it to a key ring, I sewed in a metal ring into one of the corners so that I could just add the strap from most other wrist lets. This makes the perfect iphone case and place to stash a little cash and a credit card and I.D. Such a simple design and I get constant comments about how cute it is!