Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Life of a PTSA Mom

Bear with me as I attempt to catch up for a sec...literally!!!  I have the life of a PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Assoc. for those not in the "know") Mom.  It is chocked full of activities right now.  I am co-chair of the sweatshirt committee and we sell them at schedule pick up (4 days sitting in the school all day long 8-() !!!)  I am also Secretary.  But it's this first one that has me swamped lately.  Now that the schedule pick up time is over I have to get all the information together and that takes a ton of time. 

I am squeezing a craft in here and there and have posts planned for later, but for the moment...yeah, this is all you get!!!

Thanks for sticking around...till next post!



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