Sunday, February 17, 2013

Curio Cabinet Redo

Oh my word...
I've gone and done it...
I bought my first bottle/container/whatchamacallit of chalk paint!!!
And I'm in LOVE!!!
I found a retailer of Cece Caldwell's Chalk Paint and I picked up two sample jars: one in Simply White and the other in Traverse City Cherry.  From what I saw in the store the Traverse City Cherry is the perfect color to match my inspiration piece for accents in my living room.

My sister gave me this lantern for Christmas this last year and I love the deep red.  It's a great cardinal color which is my favorite bird (No, not the Arizona football kind, but the actual bird)...and I have cardinals in several forms in my living room.  So I set out to find a paint color to match.
My first project to try out my new Cece Caldwell Chalk Paint is the hall curio cabinet.  I started out by striping the whole cabinet of any and all hardware and glass that could be removed.  Basically all that was left was the wood and the mirror on the back...which couldn't be removed without tearing the thing up, and that just wasn't going to happen.  After cleaning up all the dust that was missed (or just ignored for the last couple of months), I had my husband carry it out to the garage for it's makeover.

Then I got started with my new paints...

Yep...drool...sigh...ahhh...I'm finally caught up with the crafting world with my paints!  Who knew how much joy it would bring...Ok, that's a bit of a stretch, but I was quite excited!!!
I watched a ton of tutorials on the best way to apply chalk paint and from what I can tell it's basically a preferrence thing.  So I applied it in a cross hatch pattern to give it more texture once I wax it (once the wax is purchased...still waiting on that).  I had just enough paint in this little bottle to do one full coat.

I only have about a quarter of the jar left...guess I'll have to go get more! joy!!!!
I think I'll pick up a small jar of Kentucky Mint too.  It should match the rest of the theme in my living room.  Things are beginning to come together.
In the words of Phil Robertson: it makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!!!
Till the next update...



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