Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What does Pieces to Treasure mean to me

Have you ever watched the movie "Tinkerbell"?  Tinkerbell is "born" a tinker fairy, but she is bored with all the mundane things she sees all the other tinker fairies do.  So she sets out to find her true calling.  She tries on all the other fairies jobs only to fail, time after time.  But one day she sees all these pieces and parts lying on the ground.  She looks at them and it clicks in her little brain.  Suddenly she's putting them all together to create a music box.  Ok, granted, she just put together a broken box, but later she discovers she has a knack for taking pieces and parts of things and putting them together to create useful different things. 

Pieces and parts...to Treasure.

I love to craft...but that's putting it mild.  I love to sew, knit, crochet, paint, scrapbook, stamp, paper fold, bake, decorate cakes, sculpt with fondant, and on and on.  What strikes me as amazing is looking at the pieces and parts you start with and how they transform into Treasure.  Think about a skein of yarn.  It's bulky and all bunched up together.  With some applied time and a bit of talent a masterpiece (at least it's a masterpiece to you...as it should be) is created.

Each and every one of my crafts is a "Pieces to Treasure" project to me.  I love to start with a picture of all the pieces the project takes and watch how it progresses to a treasure.  That's the point of this blog.  I want to share what pieces become treasure in my home.

I hope you enjoy!!!


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